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Make it memorable

Give the gift of flavor

Add a unique, memorable touch to your event with our hand-blended custom spice favors. Perfect for any special occasion – corporate events, weddings, baby showers and more! Your clients or guests will think of you every time they reach for the jar, thanks to custom designed labels made just for you.

Corporate Events
Business Expos
Client Gifts
Baby Showers
And More!

Spice giveaways leave a lasting impression

Tired of giving away the same old lame stress balls at corporate events? Make a lasting impact with a custom spice blend and remain at the tip of your client’s tongue every time they fire up the grill. Not only are spice favors unique, they’re also delicious and useful. It’s sure to be a gift your client will be looking forward to each year.

Whether you’re in need of professional giveaways for a corporate event or golf tournament, take-aways that stand out at an expo, or unique gifts for your clients or employees, McCarthy Spice & Blends is here to satisfy any taste. We offer custom label options with your company’s logo, name, messaging, website and address right on the container.

Browse our collection of handmade blends and spices to create the perfect corporate giveaway for your next event.

Custom Favor Guide
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Wedding favors that spice up your special day

Whether you’re looking for unique wedding favors or special gifts for a bridal shower, McCarthy Spice & Blends favors are the perfect compliment to your big day.

Hand-blended spice favors provide you with almost limitless possibilities to create personalized gifts that commemorate your special day. Spice favors can easily be designed to match your theme, from custom wedding labels right down to the spices themselves.

We source all of our spices directly to provide you with the highest quality and freshest available. Create personalized memories of your wedding that last long after the final guest has left.

Custom Favor Guide
A photo shoing a bride and groom holding hands, overlayed with a stylized Valentine heart made from an assortment of ground spices.
A photo of an aaortment of ground spices spilling from small glass jars.

Our Process

1. Choose your spice

We offer a large selection of herbs, seasonings and custom spice blends to accent any corporate event or special occasion.

2. Choose your container

We offer three different sizes of containers to hold your spice favors. Our plastic jars are available in 4-ounce and 6-ounce sizes. Our glass jar is available in the 4-ounce size.

3. Choose your label style

Browse our corporate label designs or wedding label designs to find one that’s perfect for your event.

4. Personalize your custom spice giveaway

Talk with our customer service representative toll free at (800) 771-4066 to personalize your spice labels. For corporations, personalization options include logo, company name, message, website and address. For weddings, personalization options include names, date, photo and greetings/message.

5. Select your quantity

Choose the quantity based on your need. We recommend ordering a few extra spice favors as mementos.

6. Checkout

We honor all major credit cards. Once payment is received we’ll get to work fulfilling your custom spice favor order. We hand-package and ship all orders from our factory in St. Louis, MO.

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