A photo showing an assortment of dishes from Asian cuisine including a fish and vegetables soup, fried rice with grilled pork and peppers, sauted noodles with cabbage and psices, and a pice of dragon fruit cut in half, all arranged on a concrete kitchen counter.

Your custom blend specialist

Premium spices – yesterday, today and tomorrow

In 1994, we set out to create the most unique spice company in the industry. Not only for the freshness of our product, but just as importantly, the enthusiasm of our customer service. We continue that mission today, supplying spices and custom spice blends nationally to premier grocery store chains, restaurants, food manufacturers, meat processors, government agencies, food trucks and home chefs just to name a few.

No order is too big or small. While many companies limit the size of their orders, we fill orders of virtually any size and product specification. We can create a custom spice blend using your recipe or create a new and exciting recipe with you, provide label printing, and package to your exact requirements.

A photo of a fresh sprig of thyme, a basil leaf, and an assortment of red, black and white peppercorns.
A photo of three dieshes with freshly ground turmeric, ginger and cayenne.

It’s all in the details.


Our wide selection of ingredients give your dishes distinctive flavor…all at the right price.

1,000 BLENDS

Choose from one of our unique custom blended spices or create your own. Our expert mixologists and packaging professionals excel at blend analysis, recipe matching, blending and packaging.


Our FDA-registered facility is equipped with innovative cleaning, milling, blending and packaging systems.

a poké bowl with white rice with black sesame seeds, slices of avocado and lemon, diced salmon, and a chopped mix of vegetables with steamed edamame.

Rooted in experience

Our entire team of McCarthy professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality product, customized to meet your specifications. Give us a call and have a taste of what makes McCarthy Spice & Blends your “Custom Creation Specialist.” ™

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